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With over 11m potential new customers, secure your digital advertising needs with National World Ad Manager, and target the people you want to reach with our network of trusted news websites.

With a superb choice of advertising products and advanced audience targeting you can take full control of your campaign and start achieving your business goals today.

Why advertise using National World Ad Manager?

Quick and simple
A quick and easy way to take control of your advertising and set up your campaign in a matter of minutes.
The right audiences
at your fingertips
Target your ideal local customer using rich first party audience data.
Understand your
campaign’s true impact
National World provides customers with brand lift studies, helping you
progressively improve your campaigns.
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Finally, a way to measure the real impact of your online advertising campaigns

We are the UK’s only local publisher to provide all our customers with a comprehensive brand lift campaign report as standard1. Our partner, Brand Metrics, provide independent, state-of-the-art measurement of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns at each stage of the marketing funnel, helping our customers benefit from 19% greater brand lift with us than with other newsbrand publishers2.

No more reliance on click-through rates
Simple-to-understand results
Know exactly which part of the marketing funnel to focus on
Create better strategies for future campaigns
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Sources: 1 Min. purchase 50,000 impressions; 2 Brands Metrics / National World 2022.

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